Nashville, TN – Zoro The Drummer

Zoro The Drummer Interview - 8/16

Our last night in Nashville turned into an inspirational and enjoyable evening with Zoro The Drummer. He open up his house to us as we made our spot in his new room where he hopes to be able to put up all of this pictures and memorabilia that represent his wonderful career.

The taped interview was right at 2-hrs long without a break. We were fortunate as a video team that Bill actually grew up with Zoro right here in Southern Oregon, so there was a lot of catching up to do, and a lot of old memories revisited, even as far back as what inspired Zoro to start drumming in the first place, and that Bill was one of the first guys to ever play with Zoro when he was learning how to hit the skins.

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Pages of Life – 23

This summer went by quickly, but as you can imaging, that was a good thing for me.  With my wife gone the entire summer, and just me alone with my two boys, who are 3 and 5, you can imagine how relieved I am to have her home.  Nonetheless, as I hoped to have a bunch of things accomplished by the time September rolled around, I can say none of them happened.  I can say, that my job has become quite the positive challenge.  It’s really giving me a run for my money – which I want more of.

Starting with the trip that begins tomorrow morning at 4am, the rest of calendar ’07 is about to get crazy.  Between trips and editing my coworker and I have unofficially realized, we are going to be tired by Christmas!

I am going to start adding the same pics I’ll add here, but maybe some extras, to a new work page,, which will also have our travel schedule at the top of the page, but then below will have a blog that we will post cool pictures of places we go, and mostly cool, the famous people we get to meet.

I keep hoping for more writing opportunities to write more of what I know, which is my work and what I do there, and live production.  Even though I have been away from it for a while, I still stay in touch with trends and technology, so if I had to jump back in at any level I would know exactly what I was doing.  🙂

Stock around for more!  I will try to keep a good log of my trip to Nashville starting tomorrow through Friday.

’till then!

Pages of Life – 22

So, it’s been a week home now. I am still recovering. My immune system is suffering a little from lack of sleep. I all of the sudden have a ton of side projects coming alive. It’s really weird, but at the same time it rocks! My recent post about starting school – yeah. You can ignore that. With all of my traveling and the work I am doing, the resume I am building with that is much more valuable than spending another $20K a year on a school for 3-years. I already owe a ton from my last school.

At work we have a new digital still camera. I hope we will be keeping better tabs on the people we are meeting. So, the first picture, I am posting here.

We were able to spend some time with Eric Johnson, which was great!ME, Eric Johnson, Bill newman (coworker)

We will be spending some time with another icon at the end of the month. Next week we are meeting Chester Thomson, drummer for Genesis and many other amazing power groups! We will also be meeting Zoro the drummer.

My website, ReVaMP Magazine – Online, is starting to see some traffic. Nothing to praise about, but I have a couple of people who stepped up to do some CD reviews. So, you should see some updates in the next couple of weeks. In addition, the local events calendar is slowly but surely getting some great shows posted.

Of course, this leaves me time to keep the site going, and do some technical articles on behalf of Audio Visual Presentation . I am also talking with another publication later tonight on Skype about some other writing opportunities, so we’ll see how that goes.

At work we are supposed to be getting our brand new MacBook Pros in – you know the LCD backlit kind, 160GB 7200rpm drive – yea, that new. This will give me a great machine to have on the road when I do video editing while I am out of my studio, as well as keep up with my writing. I have an M-Audio MicroTrack – I was thinking about continuing my podcast, Grassroots Band Tips , featured on my ReVaMP Myspace page (scroll down a little). That will eventually be posted on my ReVaMP Magazine – Online home page, but I haven’t figured out the best way to do that. I have only 2 episodes, with another 3 or so written! I guess we’ll see what happens.

stick around!