But, seriously…!

Every time I begin a post I go on about how I plan to write more, and get more active in my projects, yada yada. Well, it’s partly true this time. Frankly, it’s never really been true, but my intentions are as follows.

I am beginning school again. Sure, I finished my BFA in Visual Communications from AIU Online. Now, I am going to be attending Ashford University through their online MBA program allowing me to concentrate on Marketing. I am excited about the opportunity and what the knowledge will bring me further in life and as a professional.

I am working on putting together a band as well. This is more with the intent of having a band to help record my debut CD. Not sure if we’ll be out playing shows anytime soon. I have about 17 original songs we will be working on. 2 of them need to be completed, admittedly. One of my newer songs is called Window Ledge. I will be sure to share it soon. I plan on recording a simple acoustic version. It’s a good song! I am proud of it.

The graphic novel, Earth V.2 is going to be back under way. We are going to be finally stepping into the script of the project. I have been sharing this project with a handful of people and I am excited about it’s possibilities. This makes 2 projects and a 1 serious adventure, not to mention a day job, family, meals, sleep, and a dog.

You know, my wife is working on her Master’s as well. However, hers is in psychology. Something I don’t even pretend to fully understand. But, she is a rockstar with it, so I support it!

I do honestly plan on posting more. Just like this.

Thanks for reading!

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