My single speed bike…

There were several ways I was considering wording the beginning of this. First off it has been a while since my last Utterz (Utterli) post. [as few have shared, and I agree, I miss the old platform and good ole Bessie… thanks for the memories, Pete.]

So, I thought about starting this: Some of you may ask, why would I convert a perfectly good road bike? Then the other start idea was: Following the footsteps of trend and underground ways gone fad, I have done the deed and converted a classic road bike into a single speed.

Now, this picture, courtesy of some other guy on Flickr (not sure who it was I got this image from…), shows exactly what I am working on. or should I say, having a shop work on.

Frankly, this shop has never done a conversion, but they know they stuff. It was just a matter of time and getting the right parts in. They have taken some free time to play with this as I am in no real hurry. It’s actually really exciting!

I can’t wait to get my single speed and find other SSers out there! Even fixies are hard to find here in Dallas/Fort Worth, Texas.

Everyday on my way to work I take a shortcut through a Target parking lot and there is an early bird at work with his nicely built single speed bike. I want to find out who that is.

So, my reasoning behind the change is simple to me. This road bike is old, heavy, but in great shape. Just needed some work. The amount of money I would have put into it to have it brought up to road racing again would be about the same as this current conversion. I figure spend a little now and get a great bike in a form I really want now, then later I can spend some serious money on a newer road bike for more long distance and performance riding.

It has been nearly 13+ years since I have been on a bike like this. Yup. It is just like riding a bike. Here in this area, which I am still new to is not condusive to extensive riding.

Dallas/Fort Worth, TX has a reputation of being the worst city for riding. I guess we’ll see.

Well, I will send plenty of pictures once the bike is completed.

In the meantime, as the weather gets warming in various parts of the world, get out there and excercise! Even if it’s only 30-minutes a day!

Talk soon, everyone!

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