At the train park!

On a train, at the train park… Woohoo!


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July 5th: Aviation photo shoot!

A friend and I have been working on a redesign on a website for Pacific Aviation Northwest. As part of the package we did a photo shoot on July 5th. My buddy had a digital and took well over 250 pictures, where I am still enjoying the pleasures of film and ended up with almost 50 pictures to work with out of 4 rolls.…040833261/

We had a ton of fun. We will be going out there again to do some maintenance shots, staged, and then some air to air action.

This time we had some fly bys, take-off, and landing, and of course, still shots.

He brought his kids, I brought mine, and one of the employees of the aviation firm brought his daughter. All 5 kids went up during the first flight and had a blast!

Let me know what you think of it all!


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New iPhone 3G vs. Blackberry Bold

I know I haven’t even had my Tilt for a year yet, but these two new devices are getting me excited again! I have been a Blackberry fan for years, and this new Bold is the best of many worlds all wrapped into one package!

On the other side, the iPhone has finally evolved to a point where it’s functionality matches the needs of working people!

Having access to the 3G network has been a big deal for me and my Tilt, so I wouldn’t go without it again. Powerful email solutions are important to me as well as integration with the Google and Gmail world, which both devices handle quite well.

The iPhone MobileMe feature is pretty cool in that it auto syncs your phone with whatever email/calendar platform you use, be it Outlook or Mac Mail and iCal. It syncs over the air, so you can be sure it is always showing the most updated info on all of your machines in your life.

The Blackberry still requires a sync action, but that isn’t a deal breaker because with the new powerful processor, onboard storage AND the ability to add MicroSDHC cards is an amazing feature.

I have come to really enjoy my MicroSDHC card. I have an 8GB card and I load all kinds of things on it from video samples to show clients at standard formats (without going through the iTunes conversion) and my audio files for travelling, but also my writing projects, so if I feel inspired and don’t want to whip out the laptop on an airplane, I just pull out my phone and go to town!

I need a camera and I have noticed the iPhone camera to be quite amazing in quality. My Tilt isn’t too bad as long as I remember to wipe the lense off before I take a picture. I haven’t seen the quality of the Blackberry camera, especially on the Bold, but it is am inportant feature for me.

Keyboard – I like have a tangible keyboard, like the Blackberry and Tilt devices, but I have been told that after a little practice and with the new software the iPhone can actually be just as good – just takes some getting used to.

What about bluetooth keyboards? If you need to perform several productivity tasks and don’t need your laptop to do it, could you sync up a bluetooth keyboard and go to town? I enjoyed that about my Blackberry, but I had to sell my keyboard when I got my Tilt – not compatible.

I do design work, video work, and general communication work. Aside from those heavy tasks, I want a device I can EASILY replace my laptop with on a regular basis.

The Tilt has been nice so far, but it has it’s little quarks, and is almost clunky. Too many key strokes to get places, and not intuitive enough. I don’t mind a learning curve at all, in fact I quite enjoy a challenge once in a while. But in a phone, if I have compatibility issues with email, then it becomes a turn-off.

I use Gmail as my primary account. I like how the email client organizes email and message accounts, but it has issues on this device that I have found to be typical with WM6 devices. Sure the IMAP and POP features with Gmail are not 100% smooth, but this is a regular basis and I shouldn’t have to find work arounds just to keep my workflow active.

The other thing about the Tilt that I have decided I could do without is the keyboard. I have been a Blackberry user for quite a long time and I really enjoy the Blackberry keyboard design and function. I also like the ability to single handedly use the device. You just can’t do that with the Tilt. So, in order to use the Tilt you have to think about when you are going to use it – you can’t be as impulsive as you can with a Blackberry, or the iPhone for that matter.

I watch my friends use their iPhones and see how easy it is to get around on it. That is attractive to me! When I find myself dreaming about smaller phones, I know I am not on the right device.

So, both the new iPhone and the new Blackberry are coming out soon, and I know the pricing on the iPhone will be good, and the Bold – well, we don’t know yet. I have been fortunate enough to hold out for refurbs and have had good luck with them. I just don’t if I can wait that long this time!

If you made it this far in this post, let me know your thoughts about these two phones!


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