Summer NAMM in Nashville, TN

Here is yet another NAMM show, Summer session held in Nashville this year. Last year it was in Austin, TX. Even though we enjoyed it and considered it a successful show, others did not.

We will begin out video coverage of NAMM for Harmony Central ( and Musician’s Friend ( tomorrow morning at 10am.

We are taking a different approach this show, aiming for greater quality and cutting back on quantity. Instead of each vendor getting an individual video, between 3 camera crews, that has resulted in over 150 videos, we are focusing on teaming up more, working together as a larger team, and covering more of the mass interest with some twists.

We will be with Craig Anderton, Editor-in-Chief of EQ Magazine, and also one of our lead moderators for Harmony Central, and Jon Chappell, author of the popular Guitar for Dummies series and also a contributor for Guitar Player magazine, just to mention a few.

These two gentleman will be our hosts on camera as we run around the floor in a somewhat organized fashion capturing the show.

I hope to be able to post pictures in real-time, but I am not sure what my reception will be on the floor.

This should be a great show for us! We are very excited!

If you are at the show also, let me know!

Stay tuned!

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