Too many community profiles!

How do you manage all of your blogs and community profiles?

One of the great features of Utterz that I like so much is the way it autoposts to a handful of blogs and community sites. I do wish there was an easy way to set up many other community sites, such as Jaiku, Brightkite (which, thanks to Jenn I am now geeking over!), and several of the handful of others out there that people use.

I know the API stuff is out there, but I am not sure that is the homegrown solution for me. Unless there is easy instructions I don’t get them anyway.

My point in bringing this up is, I now have probably a dozen or more community profiles. All of them I really enjoy! I like what they all offer, and I like the idea of reducing the degrees of separation in this world. Plus, if you are like me, and love networking and meeting new people, it’s just plain cool!

So, now the challenge exists. How do I manage all of these different profiles without forgetting any of them, and is there a single system out there that can feed all of them at once?

I, like some people, travel from time to time, for work and pleasure, and I get to meet cool people, and go to cool places. I want to share all of those, but when I am in the middle of a shoot and I want to capture a moment and quickly post a picture, text, or voice, and then have it autopost to all of my profiles, I have to send several messages out, and frankly, I don’t have the time! Then I forget to post later, or update a profile or blog, and then it loses its spunk.

So, I will ask you… How do you manage all of your blogs and community profiles?

Happy Tuesday everyone!
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snowing in April

I thought I would share, and I live in Southern Oregon, by the way, that it just started to snow. The wind is blowing pretty good, and of course it’s quite cold.

What messed up weather. Last Saturday it was 86-degrees.

I’m confused…
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1 more week!

I can’t take it any more!!! But I have to! I am one week away from completing school. These last 2 classes I am doing (Biology and Math) are for general education credits! You can imagine how I feel about that. It has been daunting, to say the least.

My graduation will be online, virtual! I may even post the graduation announcement/invitation for May 10th on here for you all to see! And you can even attend! No matter where in the world, no matter what time of day, and no matter what you are wearing, you can attend my graduation! I have no clue how exciting it will be, but it may give someone an interesting topic to blog about – virtual graduations.

In case you were wondering, the school is AIU (American Intercontinental University – I will have my BFA in Visual Communications with a concentration in Digital Design.

This is why I have quiet lately. A lot of anxiety built up, and 2 classes I could do without in my life to deal with and at least pass.

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Networking and Freelancing

Over the years, at least for the past 10 or so I have found myself to be a great networker. As I have ventured out and met more people I have found many other people with the same skills on all levels and I learn some tricks from them.

Networking can be a fun thing to do for personal reasons and typically for professional reasons. I started thinking more in detail about this topic recently as I have come across more opportunities to share my information and skills with other people and I end up using the back of my day-job business card to write my personal email and cell onto. Granted, this still works, but with that person I will be forever associated with my current day job. Not a bad thing for me, but I have decided to make a personal business card.

I haven’t designed them yet. I am trying to decide what to put on it. I have heard complaints of people putting too much information on their personal information card. Since I am a person of many talents and at times wear many hats, it would be impossible to list all of the potential things I could offer someone on a freelance or contract basis. This is what I have decided I would do.

First, I want an attractive business card. Sure, I could go to Kinko’s and have the generic business card made and be satisfied, but I want something that is durable, visually appealing and something people will remember and possibly show off because of how cool it looks. Essentially, make a positive impression.

So, I would go to a company like where I can currently get 1000 12pt cardstock, UV coated, full color, 2-sided, glossy cards for only $24 before shipping! It’s only $50 for 5000!

On the card I will put my name, cell phone number, also mentioning I can accept text messages, email address, and pick a couple of chat ID’s, like Yahoo, AOL, MSN, GTalk, or Skype. That would be the front. On the back I would summarize the top 5 semi-related roles you can offer, then at the bottom put a personal website link “for more info.”

On your personal page you could have a Bio, or About page that can essentially have a biography or resume of sorts to let people know what you are capable of.

Now you are ready to show off your cards!

Networking isn’t all about one on one and handing out business cards. We all live on the internet now, right? So, make sure your community profiles reflect your skill sets and services you might offer. In addition, if you have an opportunity to change a background on a profile, use something that reflects these skills. This will attract people at a glance.

From here you should search for forums of related interests to your skills and services and post to them. Draw attention to yourself using grassroots resources such as community sites, blogs, and don’t be afraid to send an email to someone you feel could become a client. If you do send an email, keep it short and sweet and let them know they can request a resume if they want more information. The biggest idea here is to plant the seed. Not everyone is going to need your services at the same time, but some people will need them often enough. If you have a large enough network, you will stay busy.

I have spent the last several years watching my network slowly disappear as my newer busy life got in the way. Finally, I stopped and realized what was happening and grabbed old before it went too far. I have been rebuilding my network slowly and even building new relationships. It’s been enjoyable. As I get more and more freelance gigs I will be able to continue to expand my network.

The ultimate tool of networking is word of mouth. As long as you deliver your services as expected or better, and you leave the gig with a positive impression from the client you are in good shape. And just like sales, it’s important to follow up. In fact, ask the client if you can follow up in a week or so to make sure everything is fine and see if they need your services again. They may beat you to the punch and ask you back before you get the change to make a courteous gesture.

So, go out there! Spread the word about yourself!
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Working backstage for Ani Difranco

This is soundcheck! Good times!

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Disney to Sell ABC to Jobs

Just a bit of news I thought would be interesting. This is a huge step for Jobs, although not surprising. However, once again, this is just steel proof that broadband networks are truly the wave of the future. It will be interesting by the time 2009 rolls and all TV feed have to be digital, how it will evolve into being able to simply play broadband video as a regular TV channel on your home TV! Just wait and see!

Looking past the top level news aspect of this story, it’s pretty funny how the deal went down! Just like a scene in a movie!

Enjoy the article!
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