Picking up my son from school.

Yup. I am sitting here, enjoyinh the beautiful weather! My goodness it’s awesome outside today! T-shirt weather!

…As parents slowly pull into the parking lot and line up along the street to pick up their kids.

I have a headache I hope slowly goes away. I went and had lovely Taco Bell for lunch.

I don’t want to go back to work today! I just want to enjoy outside.

Hope everyone is enjoying their day!
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Reading a new book; email setup; happy psych

Today I learned about a book, and author, for that matter, that I think may intrigue me and help me to break this writer’s block I have been having with my story idea, Earth V.2.0 (http://revamp-mag.com/earth).

The book, Neuromancer, by William Gibson, supposed to be a great book on the future, and cyber concepts.

As I get into it, I will share… promise.

On another note, I finally got email to work with my Tilt using Gmail…what a pain! But, now that it works, I have moved passed the frustration.


I am also in school again. I am in my first of the final three classes I have to take.

I am in a general psychology class. This week I am studying a new practice called Positive Psychology. As much as I am dreading this class, this is a positive topic… happy thoughts!

Ok. Maybe it will enlighten me on some magic of happiness or something. If so, I will educate the masses.


Sort of.

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First mobile post

So, this is my first of hopefully many mobile posts that will contain pictures.

In this picture my boys are playing in my office after eating candy.

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I did! I bought the darn phone…

Ok. The wait is over. Except for the mail. I order my refurb Tilt. I also was able to get an 8gb microSDHC from Amazon for $86 with shipping, then I went to another site and bought a great holster, cover, and screen cover. I am done spending for a while. I used the money I was saving for a new exhaust for my car… I just couldn’t wait.

So, I will begin using it as soon as I get it and will be sure to share all of the juicy things with it.

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I touched it today!

I finally made it into our lone AT’nT store in town. I was able to grill the heck out of a Tilt! I love it! I am sold!

I am now weighing my next purchase. Online they have refurbs for sale, 00 less! I will try to wait it out until next payday, this coming week then I will get the phone and memory card, the 4gb. Then I can wait for extras, but be able to start configuring my Tilt the way I want it.

So, my mind is made up finally… It’s just a matter of time.

…You see, then my posts will have pictures, and I can do a better job of keeping my blogs updated.

Anyway, stay tuned!
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New work Blackberry…

So, today I got a new blackberry with work. In fact I am using it to submit this. Corporate uses primarily Verizon now, which is better than Nextel, but we get the 8700 series, absolute basic model BB. With corporate security restrictions and being on Enterprise Server this device is simply a phone that can access one email account.

To look at this a different way, I am unable to download the mobile Google apps. To sort of cheat, as I do have web access, I set my browser to go directly to my mobile iGoogle page where I can see new mail from Gmail, and rss from Utterz, twitter, other news, and even my local weather.

If I had my way, I would have a Curve at least so I could have a camera and media, and of course I would have the Google apps. This phone has Blackberry Maps, but it’s just not the same.

So, my search for a phone continues, and I am leaning towards the tilt at this point _ even with the price tag, it offers a lot. If I get something like that I will gladly bow out of this work phone for a more compact flip phone so I can comfortable sport two phones.

I was all excited to get a new phone. And I am disappointed instead. Since it is provided by work, I can settle with it, but this phone limits the potential of my productivity. Oh well.

Happy day everyone!
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