Deciding on a new smartphone thingy…!

Ok. I have to save my money no matter which way I go, but I have AT&T, and despite other peoples experiences, mine has been really good with them.

So, here are my choices. Based on hours of reading reviews, comparisons, watching videos, and really everything short of handling them myself, I am a bit torn. I have used Blackberry for the last couple of years and have come to really enjoy everything about the Blackberry. BUT, as technology advances and I see some phone inheriting some very cool and useful features and Blackberry not it gets tough! Or in some cases, one model has one key feature I want, and another model of the same brand has the other key feature, but never both.

ok, ok. The short list.

Blackberry Curve
Moto Q9h
(HTC) Tilt

I like the Curve because of the fact that it is a blackberry and they are tough, reliable, and I know their systems well. Their form factors are solid feeling, and their screens are good and clean! The Curve has the camera, which is a key feature for me at this point.

I travel a lot and I wanted something to play music, podcasts, webcasts, and video files! My web use on a phone has been limited because the Blackberry browsers are pretty terrible, so I stick to the Google mobile tools and use Google maps, search, Gmail, and GTalk. I suppose if I had a good browser I would look at my tech news, and do more of my web stuff on my phone when I can.

So, the Curve is sort of my default choice. Downside to the Curve compared to the others: no WiFi, takes additional software to view and edit Word, Excel, and PPT, and no 3G network.

The Moto Q9h is a good looking phone, very hip and slick, the width of the phone is an attraction to me (got bigger hands). No wifi on the Q9h, which is a bummer, but It would be a solid platform to work with documents for work. I have read the speed of the processor isn’t all that great, but from what I have seen on videos it’s nothing to worry about.

The Tilt… wow, the tilt. It’s pretty cool. It’s got speed, wifi, media, a big qwerty keyboard, touch screen, it tilts… some people have looked at this phone as a traveling laptop replacement. I don’t know if it would completely replace a laptop for me as I do video and graphic work, but for the business and marketing side of what I do, and the potential of using it to show PPT files using available bluetooth stuff to project through a projector without a laptop is pretty cool.

So, there you have it. It really is a touch call for me. I think I need to get my hands on these to really make the final decision. I could do the Blackberry with wifi and sacrifice the camera feature… which would be a bummer, but the more I realized it, having wifi can be a very valuable feature!

Anyone have any feedback? I am open to ideas and suggestions.

Happy Uttering!
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