Updated my official new blog

In the ongoing search of finding my identity for the web, I have finally settled. I will eventually be buying the specific domain name, but in the meantime it will reside on my ReVaMP site. http://revamp-mag.com/erikbeyer

I am proud of this. I really want a new Blackberry. I want the Curve so I can get the camera, media player, and full keyboard. I want to be able to blog on the go and upload images as well.

Anyway, I will do my best. For now, my Utterz will continue to feed my Twitter, but I have a feeling I will soon get back to doing that via GTalk on my Blackberry. When it’s via text I get bombarded with text messages and I think they are emails… I don’t need any more confusion in my life. 🙂

Happy Uttering!
Mobile post sent by soundwriter using Utterz Replies.


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