It’s 2am… Nite humbly over.

Ok. Frankly, I didn’t know I could do so well with beer. This isn’t a drinking brag, but I feel good, and can walk just fine after ??? Number of beers. The firts one was something I can’t pronounce out of Colorado that had 16% alcohol content! Yup! It was like a hard drink on the rocks!

Sorry, no pictures. I am still working on a picture phone. On top of that I thought for sure I was going to bring my palm-cam. That didn’t happen either.

We spent most of our time at a place called Zubar. Nice place! 2 DJ’s, a VJ, and it was great!

I am in the car now, and glad I am not pushing myself further. No, I am not driving. 🙂

Hope everyone is well, and I wish I could give you all a hug!

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2nd to last nite in Dallas…

We (wife, sister-in-law, and I) are going out tonight!!!

This is the only night that we are leaving the kids with the grandparents and my oldest didn’t want us to leave!!! I am a sap, so I was sad, but at the same time, he needed to have to deal with this and learn to confide in his grandparents.

So, where are we going? Vicory – a club, aparently. I am so in the moodto rock out tonight, but I have a deeling I will be clubbed tonight. So, since I don’t have to drive, I will drink, enjoy myself, and have fun anyway.

Before we go out, stopping at my sister-in-law’s apartment so she can change – and so I can fix her tv and stereo setup. Yay.

Yay yay.

Ps: Dallas is huge, and awesome, by the way!
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Dallas, Texas

I am in wonderful Dallas, Texas. Yes, I said wonderful. Believe it or not, there is actually a chance I may end up moving here by next fall – but that’s all I will say.

We are here visiting my wife’s immediate family. We are having good fun here, eating and drinking lots, keeping my kids busy so I don’t have to, and frankly enjoying some time off from work.

It’s nice when even my work is supportive of my time off.

Well, more to come later!
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In Dallas, TX for Christmas…

We arrived in Dallas on Wednesday and don’t leave until the 31st. We are visiting my wife’s family, which I quite enjoy.

… Wow, I am distracted. Hopefully I can get online later and put up a real post.

Oh, and for those interested, my Dad is doi
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update – and thank you!

I really can’t believe everyone’s support here, I really thank you for your prayers, thoughts, and even suggestions and understanding.

Update – He was supposed have come home today, but the fact that he has been a smoker really hasn’t helped. He had fluid in hi lungs and coughing up all kinds of groovy stuff – I’ll spare details.

Well, he seemed to have stabilized now and he may be able to go home tomorrow. My sister, brother-in-law and myself spent most of today cleaning up a lot of the outside of the house. Tomorrow morning I will be going over to the house to make sure all is well, then going over to the hospital to help get Dad home.

I will update you more later.

Obviously, there is a lot involved with his recovery.

Thanks again!
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My Dad – Update

Thank you, everyone, for your support in this. To share an update, he moved out of ICU around 3:45pm today, after they removed a few IV’s, and his cathoder. His is now in a more comfortable room, no needles ‘n stuff, he can get up to use the facilities if he needs, and can now finally get some real rest.

It’s fun because if anyone is in the room with him he fees obligated to stay away and entertain, so he squirms to stay awake, and talks a lot.

We are going over there in the morning about 8:30 to see hm again.

I’ll keep you posted! Thank you for staying in touch!

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sad news… Update.

it’s nearly 6:30am, I am going to pack my laptop and head out. I will be staying with my sister. I should pull in to Portland around 11am or so. I didn’t get any phone messages later last night.

The last word I got was he had a severe clot in one of his main arteries. They removed it, ran some more tests and is supposedly doing very well, although he spent the night in ICU and will be there for a couple more days.

He is the kind of guy that wil constantly insist he is doing fine. I read up on this condition and read a case study – it’s possible he has been having chest pains for upwards to a couple of months and just not knowing what it was. Stubborn man…

Well, I love him, of course, and I am heading north.

I will keep you updated. Thank you for your genuine concerns.

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