28 – Been a while…

I have been very excited to be working on the work blog at http://revamp-mag.com/av but realized I haven’t been adding to my own blog!

I don’t know where to start!  Other than, I am meeting people, having a great time and dreaming of many cool possibilities of things I can do down the road!

I have been reconnecting with old friends and contacts about live sound and production and I am even in the process of developing a hardware/software solution for live sound.  We’ll see what happens there.

I have been traveling a lot, and the photo albums on my work blog will tell all!  It’s be a great adventure having been to many cool places!

We just got back from Bozeman, MT, which by the way is absolutely beautiful, and spent a couple days at the Gibson Acoustic Custom Factory and was able to experience that creation!  It’s amazing what goes into each instrument!

I have a ton of editing to do, including a tuba and euphonium shoot we did this summer with 6 camera angles.  I did a rough mix of one of 5 songs and it looks great!

Working in Final Cut makes this obviously quite fun!

Well, I hope all is well!


27 – Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp, New York (baby!)

Here we are, day 3, and it’s 7:15 pm. I think I have finally adjusted to East Coast time – only been on this side since Monday, and it’s Saturday today. Fantasy Camp has been, at least for my co-worker and I, a total hurry up and wait situation. The “tour managers” who are the young beautiful gals who coordinate the whole thing are pulling their hair out, but everything is going good. We had an interview with Corky, the drummer from Mountain. As soon as he walked into the room where we were shooting he pulled out an unopened, huge bottle of Vodka – insisting we get cups and share. What a nice guy.

We had a chance to interview Scott Ian, which was great! I think I am going to buy more Anthrax albums.

By the way, if you don’t know what Fantasy Camp is, you can check it out at http://www.rockcamp.com.

I will be making a post to my work blog using the pictures probably as early as tomorrow, but maybe not until the 5th or 6th. http://revamp-mag.com/av