26 – little plane to Fredericton

My coworker and I are in Fredericton, New Brunswick, Canada. We flew out of Medford at 6am, and arrive local time after 11pm. Granted, it is 4-hrs later than home – Atlantic Time.

Everything seemed to be going fine until we arrived in Denver – which was our first stop. We sat on that plane for over an hour waiting for maintenance to do their thing – they eventually kicked us all off to reboard a new plane, but almost an hour later. We finally got on the plane and made it to Boston. The only downside now is, our original 3-hr layover in Boston was shot because of our waiting in Denver! On top of all that, we had to change from United to Delta! We ran. And ran. And ran. Ok. exaggerating – we walked really really fast. Nonetheless, the plane was being held for us!

To our amazement, we made it through getting our boarding passes and security pretty fast and made it to the plane that frankly, sat maybe 18 people! One row on either side. As the lady up front is practically yelling the safety stuff to us I started to think, where was she going to sit? As she finished, she comfortably tucked her way into the co-pilot seat. Oh! I see, now! Small plane!

An hour and 20-minutes later we arrived in a Fredericton. The airport seemed no bigger than the one in Medford. The only real downside now was, the plane was so small there were only able to fit 2 of the 3 cases we travel with. Oops.

Luckily it was the audio case, so we still have our two cameras, and we will make something happen with audio.

We are in Fredericton filming the Sabian Cymbals factory. We have one day to do it. What luck, missing a case, and even if it did come in, it won’t be here until the first of 2 flights in from Boston arrive. This means, about 3 in the afternoon!

So, the hopeful arrangement in my head is that we finish all of what we need tomorrow, then we can fly out on the first flight out instead of the late flight. We are going to NY for a week. So, I will have our other case just wait for us in Boston. We will recheck all three cases to NY and all will be well.

Helluv’an adventure so far!

Be sure to check out our trip blog at http://revamp-mag.com/av


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