Pages of Life (20) – Starting school again…

Yes, with everything else going on in my life I have decided to start school again.  I am going online again as well.  The first school I did online was AIU, American Intercontinental University.  I was working towards my BFA in Visual Communications with a focus in Digital Design.  I am about whopping credits away from graduating.  But, I owe the school money, and they won’t even let me back in unless I can pay them off.  SO, pick a new school.  This time I am pursuing a BS in Graphic Design to start, then I will be transferring to the Media Arts and Animation program at some point.  I should be able to take some of the gen-ed courses and apply them to AIU and finally be completed with the BFA.  It will then be nice to complete the BS and be able to show for both of them.  🙂  Yay me!

It’s late, I just complete my first, second, and third assignment of the week.  I have to scan in the third week and post it, but I’ll do that at work tomorrow.  This program is a bit longer than the last one, but frankly it’s because they are paying attention to more detail in learning rather than blasting students through a program as fast as they can.

I has been good, the last couple of days, really trying hard to get back into a routine after the long trip to Tucson, AZ.  I am sure things will finally settle down.

Till next time.


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