Pages of Life – 21

I am off.

I leave in a whopping 4.5-hrs to drive to the airport, which is all of 2-miles away to begin a week long business trip. Now, for those of you who have been reading, or care to read my past blogs, you will see I have a pretty intriguing job.

I first fly to Dallas, TX where I get to shoot a Tuba video – it is much more interesting than it sounds. We also get to record a tuba quartet performance! Ah yes…

Next, we drive to Austin where we will be doing trade show coverage for the Summer NAMM show ( During this event I get the chance to meet two special people. The first is a personal visit to Eric Johnson’s private studio and shoot an interview! This will be a web exclusive piece for Harmony Central and Musician’s Friend! Very exciting! Then I also get to meet Travis Tritt! We hope to get sometime with him as well. Those are the two currently planned. We’ll see what else we muster up while we are there.


Till next time!


Pages of Life (20) – Starting school again…

Yes, with everything else going on in my life I have decided to start school again.  I am going online again as well.  The first school I did online was AIU, American Intercontinental University.  I was working towards my BFA in Visual Communications with a focus in Digital Design.  I am about whopping credits away from graduating.  But, I owe the school money, and they won’t even let me back in unless I can pay them off.  SO, pick a new school.  This time I am pursuing a BS in Graphic Design to start, then I will be transferring to the Media Arts and Animation program at some point.  I should be able to take some of the gen-ed courses and apply them to AIU and finally be completed with the BFA.  It will then be nice to complete the BS and be able to show for both of them.  🙂  Yay me!

It’s late, I just complete my first, second, and third assignment of the week.  I have to scan in the third week and post it, but I’ll do that at work tomorrow.  This program is a bit longer than the last one, but frankly it’s because they are paying attention to more detail in learning rather than blasting students through a program as fast as they can.

I has been good, the last couple of days, really trying hard to get back into a routine after the long trip to Tucson, AZ.  I am sure things will finally settle down.

Till next time.

Pages of Life (19) – Tucson trip

A long spell between posts usually means, not just too busy, but too tired!

It has been exhausting, but rewarding, with my wife out of town for 10-weeks. My boys are troopers and knowing things are going well with them is just s comforting sign that I am doing a good job – yay me!

So, we are here, in Tucson, Arizona. It hit somewhere in the neighborhood of 109 or something today. I never heard the high. Either way, it was hot! But, it’s a dry heat! So, as soon as the sun goes down, a breeze picks up a little, and it drops to the 90’s, it’s actually refreshing – in a hot sort of way.

I bought a city map book so I can figure out my way around and know how to get places if I need. It also helps in taking directions to grocery stores and restaurants. I am trying to wrap my head around the area. Putting the temperature aside, there isn’t any grass around, except for city parks.

You may have seen pictures before, but seeing it in person is just weird at first. Some of the “yards” of dirt, rock, gravel, cactus, and desert plants, actually look quite nice! Just don’t expect to be playing touch football in the front yard! Or, frisbee with the dog. Or running through the sprinkler – OR! Slip ‘n Slide! Ouch!

The houses are all the same set of about 3 colors. Light brown, brown, and dark brown. The older homes are brick, and the newer homes are a painted cement type of look. Tucson is actually a big city area! The downtown area is small, considering. The city is set up in a grid. As you get further on the outskirts it’s kind of all over, but that’s because you are climbing mountain foothills, more open desert area the city hasn’t expanded to, or, more mountains and desert!

In case you hadn’t guessed, we drove. Yup. 2-days! The boys are troopers! We borrowed a portable DVD player with 2 screens. That was a godsend! The second day of driving, through Southern California, after the major city freeway pretzel, was just desert – for hours! It was difficult. A fascinating area! I wish I could explore it more in depth – and not die of heat stroke. It’s just really a different part of the area of the US.

I am taking video as we go. Not as much since we got here, but some. I will get this edited hopefully soon and posted in YouTube so I can add it here.

I will hopefully write more shortly – later this week, anyway.

Till next time!