Pages of Life (17)

Over the weekend, I saw my Dad.  It was enjoyable for many reasons, but he surprised me with a gift.

The Seventh Child of a Seventh Child, by Louise Hansigne Frederikke Norgaard Hagensen Beyer.  In short, this a book my great-grandmother wrote about her life.  The book covers a short period of time, but she lived from 1895 – 1993, and I remember her well.

I sort of remember the time when my father acquired this manuscript.  Although, through life’s lovely journeys this project of assembling her writing and formally putting it together in a binded form, was put off for many years.  Until recently.

I have been anxious to read this since I knew about it.  Now that it is done, my Dad is very proud of this accomplishment.  I am als0 very proud of him.  I look forward to reading through this manuscript and getting some insight on her life at the turn of the century -20th century, that is.


Today was a good day.  The weather was exceptional, and I felt as if i accomplished some things today.

My wife leaves this Saturday, the 2nd of June, for her school journey for 10-weeks.  It will be difficult, just the boys and I.  But, deep down, I am relaxed.  I am excited, and I am ready.  I am usually the one leaving for short periods for work, why should this be any different, just a longer period of time?

Hopefully I will get into more writing, more photography as the weather fairs, more movies, more late night catching up on TV shows online, more song writing, maybe some outdoors stuff, and of course, more time with the boys.

This is a journey for her, but also for me, and this will be a great growth time for both of us.


As I learn more about myself, and learn more about my family history, may the pages of life read me like a story by the water.

Talk soon.


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