:::: Pages of Life :::: (15)

:::: Pages of Life :::: (15)

I am posting this later than the actual date I wrote this. Unfortunately, by the time I got internet connection, it in fact wasn’t strong enough to stay connected. So, I still wanted to write something, but this is being posted at a different time, that’s all.

It’s Saturday, May 26th, at 9:59pm, and I am in Florence, Oregon, taking a few days with the family at the coast.

We left Thursday night, headed to Eugene. Friday morning my wife took her GRE test for college, then we headed north to Portland to see family. We stayed with my grandparents that night. My youngest boy was suffering from his animal allergies, so we medicated him and “greased” him up with Vaseline. He did okay. All four of us slept on a single queen size bed – really not very comfortable. Somehow, this morning we felt pretty refreshed, although I was ready to get out of there. Mostly, I was eager to get on with our day. The goal was to make it to Florence and head north to the Sea Lion Caves, but we didn’t make out there until too late. So, realizing we weren’t going to make it in time, I took a detour to get us off of I-5 and into driving some beautiful back country.

In my pursuit of hoping to get into a really nice digital camera and trade in my film camera, I decided – no luck. So, I packed my 35mm film camera bag with all of my stuff, and I am eagerly getting back into it! It’s pretty exciting! The natural outcome is great! In using my film camera I am getting excited again about the “rawness” of it and the fact that I have to think about the pictures I take. The cost of film and developing are things I have to figure in to the hobby, whereas with a digital camera, you can delete pictures, and pick from a larger collection of pictures from the same scene. Anyway, you get the idea.

At this point in the trip, we will get a good nights rest tonight. In the morning I will do a Dutch Brother’s coffee run before breakfast (which includes hot cocoa for the kids). After breakfast we will be heading back North back to the Sea Lion Caves. After that wonderful experience and some more pictures, we will go back South, and this time head to Coos Bay. If all goes well, we will be there around lunch time. After lunch we will find a public beach and let the kids get sandy and dirty. We brought our buckets and shovels. I will take more pictures. Once they are warn out, we will head home. This will make for a nice completion of a weekend, and be able to enjoy another full day at home! Thank God for holidays!

Now that I am getting back into film photography, I hope to eventually share some pictures on here soon!

Until next time.


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