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I want to share.

I learned a new cover song: Lips of an Angel, by Hinder. A very well written song! I play it a little differently because they have their guitars tuned to open D – I don’t. I need to be able to play other songs. Although, the progression is easy and the lyrics are good. I found the chord progression online. I had to modify it to be more accurate to the actual song, but other than that I am excited to play it live.

I put together a 4-song set, under 20-minutes, for the Musician’s Jam night my work is having (www.musiciansjam.org). I am going to do 2 original songs, and 2 cover songs. Other than Lips of an Angel, I will do Needle and the Damage Done by Neil Young, another song I recently learned. I am trying to expand my cover song list with songs I am more interested in rather than the typical bar cover band line-up.

For this event I will be running sound and managing the mic’s, so I will already be busy, but the folks organizing the event said I had to play – twisted my arm.

Upcoming fun things I hope to blog about:

– Gibson Acoustic factor tour/trip

– Summer NAMM Session in Austin, TX

– Tuba shoot – video shoot, that is…

– Sabian Cymbals factory tour in Canada

– Rock and Roll Fantasy Camp 2007 – NY


– And so much more!

I want to add pictures to these blogs, by the way, but I need a good digital camera – something I can feel good about. In order to raise funds for that I am trying to sell my old 35mm camera – if you know anyone interested, let me know – I have a handful of beautiful lenses and filters, and the camera is in great condition!

Tah tah for now.


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