:::: Pages of Life :::: (10)

It’s 10:14am Salt Lake City time, and I am sitting in the airport. People all around me of all obvious walks of life. In addition, some of the folks here have been waiting on their plane since last night. Everything from taking to long to refuel a plane so all connections were lost, to someone just a second ago stating they were told they airline found a part and is installing it. Um. That’s a confidence builder!

They really shouldn’t share that kind of information. I mean, If your car gets a flat tire, you get it fixed and you are on your way, no worries. If your car has something mechanical happen to it and you take it in to get it fixed, you typically trust that it will work fine when you get it back. But when the airplane you are supposed to ride in 30,000-feet in the air has a part that needs to be replaced last minute, that’s enough to worry about.

So, this trip was successful. Oh, last night! Sorry, no exciting stories… I went to see a coworkers band play their CD release party! Great band! Very good show! It’s nice to see excellent and well thought out music performances. I will be reviewing their CD for my website. The bands name is AYIN, and you can see their site at www.ayinmusic.com.

The band that played before them were apparently just signed by Maverick Records. Good for them! Although, they sound just like every other band out there. Whereas AYIN has a unique driving sound that really is addicting! They are the ones that should be getting that kind of recognition and support! I guess time will tell.

It’s nice here in the airport with the walls to the outside all windows. So, with the very tall ceilings, it makes this waiting area very open. Plus, on a clear day like today you can see the mountains, which are absolutely beautiful.

Anyway, till next time – or later.



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