:::: Pages of Life :::: (9)

Day 3 for me in Salt Lake. I woke up this morning following the clokc on my phone instead of the actual time, and assumed i was an early riser. Of course, it’s now 8:30am (instead of 7:30am) here and I am now eating breakfast.

A couple folks here have talked about trying to get me up into the mountains this afternoon if we are able to get everything done in time. I think it would be fun. I brought my palm-camcorder and I haven’t even used it yet. I was going to capture a bit of what this office location is like as it is a bit unique from the corporate cubicle hell that exists back home. I know…ooh, how exciting. Look at all those people on the phone…

Ultimately, I will be finalizing my visit today, ironing out technical details, and making sure the person I have been training and working with has the support he needs to proceed with the job. The climax of he day will be leaving work and heading out to a local rock show! One of the guys here is in a band and is having their CD release party tonight. I am supposed to ride out with him. I figured as far away as it is from the hotel, I would rather help schlep gear and hang out for a couple extra hours than pay $30 for a cab ride out there. Especially since I may be paying that cab fee going home.

Last night I was a little wired. Not really sure why, but I would be tired, then I would get a rush of energy. So, I decided to go and get a beer before going to sleep. It was 11pm when I walked into the sports pub. I was greeted by a hostess, told her I was going to the bar. She was fine with that. I sat down, took of my jacket, and waited for the bartender to show up so i could order my stein. The familiar bartender walks around and begins apologizing that they are closed. Dammit! Now what? He asked if I had a car and I could drive to another place that was open until midnight. I just was confused. There wasn’t a single place nearby open for drinks!

For dinner last night a coworker and his family took me out to some of the best Indian food I have ever had! That may have been what kept me awake.

So, after the disappointment of no night cap, I got ready for bed, turned on the TV, found a station with non-stop reruns of X-Files and fell asleep.



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