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When the momentum is high you feel complete and satisfied about what you do. Then the days come around when the momentum dies down – I won’t say it goes away, but it definitely slows down. That is when you have to be concerned about your drive. Your drive to do the best you can.

You see, I have always had something going on in my life to keep me active, moving forward, something to keep my outlook on life positive. And the few times where that hasn’t been entirely the case, I seek out things that make me happy. Could be a strength, could be a fault.

Frankly, I see it as a strength.

Now, don’t take this all wrong. I didn’t have a bad day, I am not losing momentum, but you could say I am simply settling in still to this new position. I am trying to completely understand the breadth of my roles. Everyday I think about this. Everyday I come up with the same drive – it’s not about now. it’s what you do now that makes the future a pleasant place to be.

Don’t stop pushing. Keep working hard to make sure you are always at the right place at the right time. It’s about opportunity – it’s about sacrifices – it’s about passion and life. Live it.


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  1. I can identify with you on that…All I can say is to keep dreaming!…keep moving foward as much as you can and even if you feel that you’re static for a while it might not be enterily true, cuz we’re always moving…. always dreaming, changing little things that become big things later even if we don’t see it like that at the time…. Keep your spirit up, your dreams high, and your feet on the ground…


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