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Life seems to have been really busy lately. It’s even spring break, which doesn’t mean much to me, really, but you would think something would be different. I keep thinking about a couple things… things that occupy my head space enough for me to really want to work on them!

The first one is my story/blook/graphic novel idea. I can imagine little scenes here and there, but I haven’t been able to piece them together. Nor have I been able to write them down. I am waiting for this magical moment when the next step will come to me, I guess.

Okay. The next thing is my music. It making time to practice my music and write more. I feel good now because a couple days ago I did just that and wrote 3 new songs. That’s 5 new songs in about 5-weeks. Not bad.

I feel this drive to expand my creative skill sets in work. So driven that I am looking at specialized schooling to accommodate my needs.

Well, going to leave you hanging here. Now I want to keep researching schools.

Till next time.


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It’s 10:14am Salt Lake City time, and I am sitting in the airport. People all around me of all obvious walks of life. In addition, some of the folks here have been waiting on their plane since last night. Everything from taking to long to refuel a plane so all connections were lost, to someone just a second ago stating they were told they airline found a part and is installing it. Um. That’s a confidence builder!

They really shouldn’t share that kind of information. I mean, If your car gets a flat tire, you get it fixed and you are on your way, no worries. If your car has something mechanical happen to it and you take it in to get it fixed, you typically trust that it will work fine when you get it back. But when the airplane you are supposed to ride in 30,000-feet in the air has a part that needs to be replaced last minute, that’s enough to worry about.

So, this trip was successful. Oh, last night! Sorry, no exciting stories… I went to see a coworkers band play their CD release party! Great band! Very good show! It’s nice to see excellent and well thought out music performances. I will be reviewing their CD for my website. The bands name is AYIN, and you can see their site at www.ayinmusic.com.

The band that played before them were apparently just signed by Maverick Records. Good for them! Although, they sound just like every other band out there. Whereas AYIN has a unique driving sound that really is addicting! They are the ones that should be getting that kind of recognition and support! I guess time will tell.

It’s nice here in the airport with the walls to the outside all windows. So, with the very tall ceilings, it makes this waiting area very open. Plus, on a clear day like today you can see the mountains, which are absolutely beautiful.

Anyway, till next time – or later.


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Day 3 for me in Salt Lake. I woke up this morning following the clokc on my phone instead of the actual time, and assumed i was an early riser. Of course, it’s now 8:30am (instead of 7:30am) here and I am now eating breakfast.

A couple folks here have talked about trying to get me up into the mountains this afternoon if we are able to get everything done in time. I think it would be fun. I brought my palm-camcorder and I haven’t even used it yet. I was going to capture a bit of what this office location is like as it is a bit unique from the corporate cubicle hell that exists back home. I know…ooh, how exciting. Look at all those people on the phone…

Ultimately, I will be finalizing my visit today, ironing out technical details, and making sure the person I have been training and working with has the support he needs to proceed with the job. The climax of he day will be leaving work and heading out to a local rock show! One of the guys here is in a band and is having their CD release party tonight. I am supposed to ride out with him. I figured as far away as it is from the hotel, I would rather help schlep gear and hang out for a couple extra hours than pay $30 for a cab ride out there. Especially since I may be paying that cab fee going home.

Last night I was a little wired. Not really sure why, but I would be tired, then I would get a rush of energy. So, I decided to go and get a beer before going to sleep. It was 11pm when I walked into the sports pub. I was greeted by a hostess, told her I was going to the bar. She was fine with that. I sat down, took of my jacket, and waited for the bartender to show up so i could order my stein. The familiar bartender walks around and begins apologizing that they are closed. Dammit! Now what? He asked if I had a car and I could drive to another place that was open until midnight. I just was confused. There wasn’t a single place nearby open for drinks!

For dinner last night a coworker and his family took me out to some of the best Indian food I have ever had! That may have been what kept me awake.

So, after the disappointment of no night cap, I got ready for bed, turned on the TV, found a station with non-stop reruns of X-Files and fell asleep.


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Day 2 in Salt Lake City. I know it’s not that big of a deal for people who travel a lot, but it apparently effected me a little. Being an hour ahead of what I am used to, I really was getting up an hour earlier. I will say the nice thing about being in a hotel alone is being able to take your time waking up, taking a nice hot, long shower to really cleanse your body. Having a completely refreshed feeling in the morning; now I am down waiting on breakfast. It is a little warm in here, but oh well. It’s cold outside – fair trade.

Today I will be viewing the work captured yesterday and should have a pretty steady day. It’s fun to be in a position of respect. Even though I am not at any job title to deem me “important” enough, like director, or anything above that. I am going to move on. I don’t want to talk about work. Granted, it’s a critical part of life, it’s not important enough to get detailed about.

Well, today should be fun, though. It’s beautiful around here, so I enjoy going outside. It’s great to be this close to the mountains!


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I don’t know what it is with me, drinking and wanting to blog, but here I am.  At a sports pub in Salt Lake City near my hotel, trying some beers that are new to me, such as Polygamy Porter… Such irony.  Maybe after drinking it you feel like… Well, maybe not. 

This is a great place though, wide open room, plenty of seating a big bar, three projected video screens and some wide screens symetrically placed nearby.  The bartending is good.  In fact, everyone here in SLC have been really nice!  Not that I expected otherwise, but its refreshing.

Oh. So I ate this curry pasta dish with grilled chicken, some sausage, shrimp, and lots of other goodies.  Since I have been traveling today I haven’t been too hungry.  I was up at 3:30, on my plane at 6:30 am, checked into my hotel at about 9:30 or so, then I ate some breakfast.  Once I got to work I was invited to lunch… They are an hour ahead.  I of course wouldn’t turn down good company, free lunch, and a chance to bond with people in my company.  Of course now I sit here in the same place I had lunch.

Although with beer, it’s different this time.

Ok.  I am going to finish up here, go back to my room, check email and go to bed.

‘Till next time.


Yeah. I had some wine…only half a bottle. How did I ever used to drink two bottles by myself? I was younger? Maybe I ate more then?

As you can see, this doesn’t even qualify for the Pages of Life outlet here.

Aw, hell. Enjoy life, right?

Be happy! What ever works for you in your world.

Oh, come one, use your imagination. I did!

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I will be going on a trip for work this next week, starting on Wednesday. If I decide to be a good boy, I will be reading and writing on my off time. Aside from just posting occasional updates and comments here, I hope to also be working on the storyline and development of my future-based story. It’s in the infancy stages. It’s proving to be a lot of mental effort and I haven’t had much additional capacity lately. Oh, in case you want to see the unedited, not grammar checked, rough stages, go here. It is currently dubbed “Earth v2.0” for lack of a better idea at the moment.

The weather is nice, here! Still.

And… I’m done. Out of things to say.

If you haven’t yet, subscribe to this blog. Many more groovy things to come.