I Watch You

I watch you.
You look beautiful.
If I close my eyes
I can smell your hair.
You’re with him, but I’m with her.
Considering circumstances, it’s fair.
But is it really?
Who’s body do you want?
I know what I want!
O, how I love your skin.
I feel anxious. I just want to turn
And look at you all night long.
O, won’t you be with me tonight?
In my dreams, I want you there.
If that’s the only place I can have you,
Then I will take it all.
O, what I do in my dreams with you.


Earth v2.0 Chapter 1 SCENE 1: Runaway A random …

Earth v2.0

Chapter 1

SCENE 1: Runaway


A random family with wife, husband, and teenage daughter. Husband gets home from work for the NWS, removes his handmade overcoat, mask and hat. He walks into a disagreement of the wife and daughter. This is apparently an ongoing argument that has resurfaced. The husband tries to get involved but is overpowered by the two females. He walks out of the room.


The daughter says some things to her mom that are even more upsetting. The mom starts into a firm lecture and grabs her arms. The daughter, tired if fighting, pulls away and starts walking out of the room forcefully. She says she going to run away. The mom asks where she plans of going. The daughter yells back, “it doesn’t matter, anywhere but here!” She grabs her handmade overcoat patched in leather and canvas, puts her mask and hat in her shoulder bag and throws it over her head. Her mom begins asking, “You’re not serious…there’s no where to go out there! It’s not safe!” Then yells to her husband, “Honey, get over here!”


The daughter grabs the door latch and lifts it to open. The husband then runs over to them and sees what is happening. He asks, “Where do you think you are going?” The daughter is then half way out the door. The husband continues, “They will catch you after curfew! You know that.”


The daughter says, as she closes the door, “I will find a place to go.” She pauses, looks at her dad, “Sorry, dad,” with tears welling in her eyes, and pulls the door closed.


The husband turns around to the wife, “What the hell was that about?!” She can’t be out there! You know what they’ll do if they catch her! – Hell if they find out we are short a person after curfew WE will be fined! We can’t let that happen!”


The wife tries to interrupt with no avail. The husband grabs his over coat and puts his mask inside his coat. “You can’t ever let her be, can you!?” He looks at the clock. “I have less than 20-minutes to get her home!” He leaves through the front door.


The daughter walks briskly through the corridors of family living quarters, for what seems like forever. She comes to the end up on the fifth floor. She runs down the stairs. Every step her tears go away and she begins showing anger on her face, with her motions more deliberate. She gets to the bottom of the stairs and heads to the left, like she knows exactly where she wants to go. But does she?


She knows if she runs off too far she will get closer to the compound border where she risks exiting to the outside world, or even worse, find an entrance to the underworld. Her pace remains quick; her eyes wide open as she realizes she is close to curfew knows she has to find protected shelter soon. If she is caught she could end up in detainment, and her parents would be fined. However, if she ends up in the underworld the under dwellers could mean far worse for her.


The dad reaches the bottom of the stairs, slightly out of breath. He looks both left and right up and down the road between the tall rows of cement and steel buildings of housing. Lucky pick, he turns to the left, “shit.” He breaks into a run. He looks down at his wrist watch, secured to his arm with leather bands. He pushes faster, looking left and right down the corridors hoping to see the silhouette of his daughter in the dark lit enclosed compound in which these people live.


With the numbered buildings passing her on both sides, and not one of them offering a place to hide, she looks ahead at the compound entrance. This fully guarded gate is only passable if your purpose to leave is justified. But being only minutes away from curfew she knew her chance of getting past the guards tonight was not likely. She runs to the right and stands up against the side of a building just inside one of the alleyways.


She is breathing heavy, catching her breath. She closes here eyes, “What am I doing?” And pounds her clench fists back against the wall. With her eyes still closed, she hears noise shuffling to her right, deeper into this alley. It’s rare to see anyone else out this close to curfew, but doesn’t think anything bad of it. She walks curiously over to towards the noise and from the dark along the cold cement wall appears a person. This person, a man, wearing all black, from his boots up to his face mask and hat speaks, “Go home! The police to will catch you.”


No,” the girl replied. “I am not wanted there anymore.”

Go home.”

I need a place to stay tonight until day light and I will leave the compound.”


Look! I don’t want trouble, but I am not going back!” as she takes a few steps closer. She realizes the black garments this man is wearing and patched together much like her overcoat. “What are you doing out here?”


I don’t live here.”

What do you mean?”

I am an underdweller.”


The girl’s eyes widen in fear and starts to back away.


Wait!” The man says. “I will help you this once.”

You’re an underdweller, I don’t want your help!”

Just then, a light melodic siren sounds, then a female voice from the loudspeakers mounted in the street-facing side of the buildings, “Curfew will be in effect in 5-minutes. Please return to your homes immediately. I repeat, curfew will be in effect in 5-minutes, please return to your homes immediately.”


The girl looks up at the buildings where the sound is coming from. Underneath the sound, she hears her father’s voice in the distance, “Ada! Ada!”


She gasps, and under her breath, “dad…” She turns to the man standing in front of her. “How will you help me?”


Follow me.” The man turns around and starts walking briskly. The girl hesitates, and then follows in the same manner. The man stops and pulls out an object, sticks it in the side of the building wall to the left of them. They enter into a doorway into the building, a door completely flush with the building and hidden from the naked eye.


The father hears the noise of the closing door down the alleyway as he passes. He stops and walks into the alleyway, barely lit. “Ada?” The siren sound churps twice, indicating the 2-minute warning. The father’s heart beat is pounding out of his chest in fear for his daughter, and fear for himself. He is torn as he hears the siren, knowing it will take more than 2-minutes to get back home. He sprints into the alleyway and doesn’t see anything. “Dammit, Ada! Where are you?”


He looks down at his watch and turns around to head back home. As he is running he hears the sound of a vehicle coming up behind him. He looks to see it’s far enough away he may be able to beat it back to his home. The adrenalin from running the whole time is starting to wear, but something gets in his head to push harder. He finds some hidden energy and sprints back to his building. Running up the stairs he slips on a step slamming his shin into the corner of a stair. He hollers out in pain, picks himself up and keeps running. He makes it to his door as the vehicle with spot lights passes by slowly. As it hovers to check the floors he makes it inside, as a shimmer of light from the spot light gets cut off by the closing door the father throws his back against the door and falls to the ground. Coughing while catching his breath, with a slight dry-heave, his wife comes running around the corner by the door way. She looks at him worriedly. He looks up at her in anger. They pause, waiting for one of them to say something.


He coughs and speaks, “It’s your fault…she better turn up in the morning.” He looks down at the ground.


The wife starts crying and falls, leaning against the wall, “What are we going to do?”


The husband gets off the floor, and staggers past the wife. She says again in a worried and trembling voice, “What are we going to do?!”


He drops his overcoat to the floor and sits on the couch.






The heavy door closes behind Ada as she follows briskly behind the man. It is completely dark and Ada is following the sound of footsteps. A flicker of light sparks from a lighter. She is now able to barely make out the hand holding it and the silhouette of the head she is following. The man stops abruptly and knocks once on metal, with an echo carrying back the way they came. At the same time the faint sound of the 2-minute warning siren. Her attention is turned back towards the man as the lighter goes out. The sound of a metal latch fills the air. A wide metal door swings away from them as a red illuminating light guides them in.


What is this?” Ada whispers.

Shh,” the man responds.


Just past the doors is a circular hatch on the floor. The wide door closes behind them revealing another man in complete black. Both men look at each other and nod as though they are acknowledging something. The first man opens the hatch, “Hurry. The heat sensors will still catch us if we don’t get down there.” Ada climbs down the ladder, with both men following. The latch gets closed behind them. There is a light glow of a bulb further down.


The ladder seems to keep going. They pass the single bulb and now Ada can’t see anything below her. She keeps climbing down until her foot touches a larger surface. She gets off of the ladder and moves to let the two men get down. The first man asks Ada, “Do you have a mask?”



Put it on.”

Ada reaches behind her and reaches into her shoulder bag and pulls out her mask and puts it on.

Ready?” the first man asks.

Yes,” muffled by the sound of the mask over her face.


He grabs her arms and they begin walking in complete darkness. It sounds like a small tunnel of some sort. It’s getting cold, and she can feel on the back of her neck and hands the thickness of the air. In the distance she can see a reflection of a light around a corner. They walk closer and the landscape of ruins of the underground city start to appear. The light is coming from a light hanging from a cement pole that looks like an old pillar to a large building. It’s attached by a heavy looking rope and an electricity wire loosely hanging and running off into the near distance to another flood light.


The men stop and face her. The first man says, “You are Ada – I heard your father calling. I am Rolin. This is my partner and friend, Nate. It is important that you stay close to us to ensure your safety.”




They begin walking into the underworld. Such stories spoke of this place as being deadly, unhealthy, and if you are unfamiliar with the territory, you can get lost. People have ended up here one way or another, accidentally or not, and have died of starvation and thirst. You must be resourceful in this place otherwise you will not survive anyway. Ada, knowing these stories and what the underworld is all about, feels strangely confident with these two men.


They walk into a ruined building structure, only to find a high security entrance. They all enter as Rolin punches in a code on a keypad with what looks like foreign markings. Upon entering the two men remove their masks.


It’s okay,” Nate speaks, “the air is safe in here.”

Ada removes her mask and hesitantly takes a deep breath, then a sigh of comfort.

This is our home. Welcome.”

Earth v2.0 – the developing story


Updated June 15th, 2007

(Subject to regular updates)


The year is 2617 and the outcome of civilization is disturbing and dark. Government as we know it has been over thrown by tech and intelligent bred para-military forces that now run the New World Society, otherwise known as the N.W.S. The clean industries our ancestors ran hundreds of years ago no longer exist except for the making of metal for the use of architecture, vehicular, and weaponry development. All water, oil and food are managed by the N.W.S.. Technology growth has come to a standstill but because old technology still exists, it is easy to acquire for anyone to use. Textile industries don’t exist on a large scale. Each territory has been forced to produce their own clothing, which leads to each territory having a slight signature in their appearance.


With the rise of power globally of the N.W.S., rebel forces, considered good, have emerged to try to fight for peace and regain control of resources and industry again. The black market is a way of life for many, with trading, and selling new and used clothing, technology, air masks, food, and water. Income for those living in the city like compounds comes from an N.W.S. “Mandatory Workforce Development” building massive structures on top of the old cities. Work identification cards are issued, showing your name, living quadrant, number of family members living with you, a photo head shot, your identification number, your skills and trades, and a nice big logo of Ma.W.D. – pronounced, “m-ahh-d.” This workforce is N.W.S.-wide and occurs in all compounds. There are few that don’t work for various reasons, such as the elderly, school children, wives – until their youngest child reaches the age of 18, then they are required to work, and of course the sick.


The air outside of the compounds is polluted so heavily air masks are needed. The pollutants are born from factories, waste, and the left over bad air from generations before. The global warming epidemic has destroyed most natural resources which has driven the N.W.S. to create controlled indoor farming and water sources. The ozone layer has had an accelerated deterioration rate since WWIII, which occurred back in 2158. The chemical bombs and radiation created clouds of death that covered the earth during the following 5-years, at which point the beginning of massive neutralizing air treatments were launched and successfully made the air somewhat sustainable again. However, during those 5-years the clouds of death killed off billions of people world-wide through the simple occurrence of acid rain, killing import and export industries forcing surviving nations to figure out their own resources once again. The Asian countries became the first wastelands as a result of this tragedy. What used to be lush lands, was struck hard during the war and completely killed the land. The reaction later of the death-clouds became unstoppable during those 5-years and the transformation of other countries becoming wastelands continued.


Our days now are hot, and if you go outside all areas of the skin should be covered. This has destroyed our natural water systems with the exception of the high mountains where snow still falls. Our oceans and waterways, at least what is left of them, are polluted, which make fish mostly not edible. The N.W.S. run and control indoor water sources, indoor agriculture, livestock, and fish hatcheries.


Many mass waste lands exist where the N.W.S. do not tread and many of the known rebel forces occupy these areas. Other than the wastelands, the mountain territories are another somewhat safe place to hide, although difficult to survive due to the cold weather, drastically different then lower altitudes. The mountain territory people have become accustom to trading water for food in the black market.


The old city, otherwise known as the “underworld,” is extremely vast, desolate, and unsafe, due to the evil and thieving underdwellers. Although few are trusted, this provides an unsecured and rarely monitored passage way to other territories. The N.W.S., although powerful and resourceful, usually doesn’t bother monitoring this place for the same reason as the mountains; anyone who goes there risks their life. Only rebels really have the capacity to sustain in those places based on their efficiency in the black market and acquiring food, water and equipment for survival.


I cannot get you out of my head!
I can’t stop thinking about you.
I can’t get away from the part of me that wants you.
I can’t, I can’t!I want to be with you.
I want to hold you.
I want to touch you.
I want to smell you.
I want to taste you.
I want to know you in every way.


Do you ever feel like hitting your head against the wall?
Like you can’t make any headway at all?
When someone you love seemed to have turned into
The one person you just can’t meet eye to eye,
What do you do? What do you do?
Is it the reason to drop it all and run?
What if there are things involved?
What if there are kids involved?
How do you deal with the daily headache of
Trying to communicate, and express your thoughts and feelings
Without being yelled at, or argued with for no reason?
Why can’t I express my thought and opinion
And not get a calm reply? Just answer the question!
It’s frustrating, to say the least,
And I just want to run away!