When passion strikes again
It’s easy to get caught up in it.
Without knowing, you could find yourself
Wrapped up in the spin of this special time.Is it someone? or something?
Does it really make a difference?
I suppose with something it’s easier to
Back away and start over,
Whereas someone could get hurt,
And other things could come of
The result of this passion.

Always know
What you are getting yourself into.
Keep your mind open,
Keep your heart open,
And never lose sight of these passions.
They are what drive you through life.


One Response

  1. Is it better to hurt now and have time to understand and heal… Or hurt 20 years from now and feel like your whole life has been a lie. It will inevitably hurt, but it will pass and you will have a friend, but if you wait you could loose more than you would imagine. Empathy.

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