Hands Tied

Do you ever feel like your hands are tied?
You want to be able to do something, but
Life just doesn’t have the same thing scheduled for you.
As much as you try to make it work,
There always seems to be something that gets in the way.
Why, oh why, can’t things just work?
Why can’t I just pursue someone
Without the many inevitable restrictions?



When passion strikes again
It’s easy to get caught up in it.
Without knowing, you could find yourself
Wrapped up in the spin of this special time.Is it someone? or something?
Does it really make a difference?
I suppose with something it’s easier to
Back away and start over,
Whereas someone could get hurt,
And other things could come of
The result of this passion.

Always know
What you are getting yourself into.
Keep your mind open,
Keep your heart open,
And never lose sight of these passions.
They are what drive you through life.

Loving Little Ones

Young life, so full of trust.
The warmth and love of their actions.
Their sincerity and passion for all they do
Should be admired and remembered.All of the memories forming by the minute
Can be revived by loving more and more
Through the unconditional support and
Fulfillment of expectations.

We make it seem difficult
When all it takes is a little extra attention.
Take a deep breath, put a smile on your face
And be with your kids every step of the way.

Embracing The Inevitable

An email notice from a new acquaintance
But he is on the other side of the world.
That’s not where he’s from, but
I managed to meet him through a relative.The instant power we have
At the very tip of our hands.
From the brain we were born with
To the body we currently occupy.

It’s not about some strange amazement
With the wonders of technology.
Rather a simple realization of
The tools that are readily available to us.

Everyday we do stuff, wondering if we can be faster,
More efficient, and better.
Many things can’t be fixed yet – as their time will come.
But with a little help many things can be changed instantly,

Thanks to the accessibility of communication.
As people have learned to use it,
Many have learned to abuse it;
Found ways to hurt other people with it.

Was this all a mistake? Was this thing really needed?
Just like everything else, I guess,
Embrace the inevitable,
And deal with the criminals justly.

As we take on more and more, and
Continue to make excuses for ourselves,
We strive to make life easier, more efficient;
We strive to be better.

Through these tools we have been given access to,
We allow our lives to be ruled by powerful pieces of plastic and metal.
And though we deny the rule it has over our time,
We push forward, blind to what the future may hold.


Following your emotions is supposed to be enjoyable.
Many times this isn’t the case.
Stepping out of the picture, looking in from the outside,
Should help regain perspective.
It is important to follow your heart,
But be respectful to the one you’re feeling for.
Circumstances may not always allow for your dreams to come true,
And understanding this will allow you to not get discouraged.